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COVID-19 intensifies calls to end digital divide

EIFL-OA news and events - ორშ, 23/11/2020 - 20:01

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF), an annual forum that brings together stakeholders from government, industry and civil society to discuss public policy issues relating to the internet, was held online this year from 2 - 17 November. For 12 days, the IGF 2020 digital platform was buzzing - with a record 6,000 participants from 173 countries. Ramune Petuchovaite, Manager of the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP), reports.

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Fedora 6 Alpha Release is Here

DSpace news - ორშ, 23/11/2020 - 18:35

Today marks a milestone in our progress toward Fedora 6 – the Alpha Release is now available for download and testing! Over the past year, our dedicated Fedora team, along with an extensive list of active community members and committers, have been working hard to deliver this exciting release to all of our users.

So what does Alpha mean? Fedora 6.0 Alpha-1 is our initial release of the newly updated software. The 3 primary goals for Fedora 6 are robust migration support, enhanced digital preservations features, and improved performance and scale. We have been actively working on a strong feature set that we hope to release with the full version in early 2021.

Features Available in Alpha Release

For now, we are happy to deliver the following features with the Alpha:

Alpha Migration Tooling for Fedora 3, 4 & 5 to Fedora 6
Native Amazon S3 Support
Support for Oxford Common File Layout persistence
Built-in search service
Metrics collection available
Docker deployment option

To showcase what’s in store for Fedora 6, we also created this mini Highlight Reel featuring the Top 4 Features we thought you would be most excited about.


In the coming weeks, as we work toward Beta release, we want to ensure the broader community has ample opportunity to confirm the functionality of the software against local needs and use cases. We cannot emphasize enough how valuable your feedback will be. It is only through the feedback of those within our own community that we can help guide the development efforts and deliver a product you are proud to use.

Feedback and Testing

Please feel free to use the fedora-tech mailing list, the #fedora-6-testing channel in Fedora Slack or reach out to David Wilcox at david.wilcox@lyrasis.org to provide any and all feedback on this release. Even letting us know that you are testing the software would be greatly appreciated!

Stay tuned on the Road to Fedora 6 for more exciting updates as we move toward Beta and eventually full production release. Thanks to all involved, we couldn’t have done it without your support and dedication.

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LIBSENSE Francophone Africa Day

EIFL-OA news and events - პარ, 20/11/2020 - 20:36

Join LIBSENSE Francophone Africa Day, hosted by the West and Central Education and Research Network (WACREN), Université Virtuelle de Côte d’Ivoire (UVCI) and EIFL as part of Open Access Week Côte d’Ivoire. 

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Open Access Week Côte d’Ivoire

EIFL-OA news and events - პარ, 20/11/2020 - 18:42

L’Université Virtuelle de Côte d’Ivoire (UVCI) and EIFL’s partner library consortium, Consortium des Bibliothèques de l‘Enseignement Supérieur de Cote d‘Ivoire (COBES-CI), are co-organizers of Open Access Week Côte d’Ivoire, with  the West and Central Education and Research Network (WACREN/LIBSENSE) and Commission Nationale Ivoirienne pour l’UNESCO. 

Open Access Week Côte d’Ivoire, from 24 - 27 November, takes place in conjunction with the international colloquium, ‘Digital. Social dynamics and resilience in the context of COVID-19’. 

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‘Waive or reduce APCs to help authors’

EIFL-OA news and events - სამ, 17/11/2020 - 17:57

The Scholarly Kitchen, an independent blog established by the Society for Scholarly Publishing, asked EIFL to give input into a series of articles asking, ‘How Can We Achieve Equitable Participation in Open Research?’ Romy Beard, Manager of the EIFL Licensing Programme, and Rima Kupryte, Director of EIFL, responded by urging publishers to cut or waive article processing charges (APCs) to help authors from developing and transition economy countries, and to streamline

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The Munin Conference

EIFL-OA news and events - სამ, 17/11/2020 - 16:36

Iryna Kuchma, Manager of the EIFL Open Access Programme, will speak at the 15th Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing, an annual conference on scholarly publishing and communication that primarily focuses on open access, open data and open science. 

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Fedora Migration Paths and Tools Project Update: November 2020

DSpace news - ორშ, 16/11/2020 - 23:30

This is the second in a series of monthly updates on the Fedora Migration Paths and Tools project – please see last month’s post for a summary of the work completed up to that point. This project has been generously funded by the IMLS.

The University of Virginia pilot project work continued this month, primarily with migration-utils testing. The UVA repository is running an older version of Fedora (3.2.1), and most of the staff members who created and managed the repository are no longer with the university. This is a common situation at many institutions, and it can lead to problems understanding the purpose and function of the contents of the repository. In this case, some of the content has been replicated elsewhere and the total number of external access points to the repository was unknown. To address this, the team went through a process of cataloguing the repository contents and investigating touch points with external systems. This process will be documented for the benefit of other Fedora users with legacy systems.

The UVA team engaged in extensive testing of the migration utility and ran into several issues along the way. Some of the issues were related to the legacy Fedora repository itself, so these need to be disambiguated and resolved in order to determine which issues are related solely to the migration utility. Issues related to the migration utility were reported to the Fedora team via JIRA issues so they could be resolved.

Spreadsheet of functional requirements

The Whitman College pilot team continued last month’s requirements gathering efforts by completing the functional requirements spreadsheet. This spreadsheet identifies which functions are required for the new Islandora 8 repository and prioritizes them. The grant PI reviewed these requirements with the Islandora Tech Lead to identify solutions and determine which requirements are currently satisfied by Islandora 8 or a plugin module, which ones would be satisfied within the next 3-6 months, and which requirements would need to be addressed via custom development. The next step is to demonstrate the currently available functionality for the pilot project team and determine which outstanding functions will need to be prioritized for custom development.

The focus in November and December will be on finalizing a validation tool that will be tested by the UVA team – this tool will allow Fedora users to validate that all their Fedora 3 objects were successfully migrated to Fedora 6. At the same time, the Whitman College team will be documenting their metadata mapping and remediation process for the benefit of the wider community.

Stay tuned for future blog posts as we make progress on this project. All relevant resources can be found linked off the project landing page. Please contact David Wilcox with any questions or feedback.

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‘An amazing, amazing, amazing conference!’

EIFL-OA news and events - ორშ, 16/11/2020 - 18:26

In the last week of September, the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) team attended the Occupy Library 2020 conference, organized by the Progress Foundation, a small NGO based in Romania, that has successfully implemented some exciting public library initiatives and projects in the field of education, training, social and digital inclusion and community development. 

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How SA’s copyright bill would benefit citizens during COVID

EIFL-OA news and events - პარ, 13/11/2020 - 19:52

South Africa’s Copyright Amendment Bill had been sitting on the desk of President Cyril Ramaphosa for over a year, waiting to be signed into law. But instead of signing the bill, the President returned it to parliament citing constitutional concerns with certain aspects, including new exceptions for libraries, education and persons with disabilities. If enacted, the bill would have helped teaching, learning and research during COVID-19 lockdowns. Instead South Africans are forced to struggle under the current, outdated law. EIFL guest blogger Denise R.

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Dragons’ Lair

EIFL-OA news and events - ხუთ, 12/11/2020 - 10:36

Teresa Hackett, Manager of the EIFL Copyright and Libraries Programme, will join copyright advocates in the Dragons’ Lair to pitch ideas for inclusion in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) SCCR (Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights) work programme for the next biennium (2021 - 2022). 

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Co-designing open access publishing infrastructures

EIFL-OA news and events - ოთხ, 11/11/2020 - 19:31

Participants in a productive 6 November 2020 workflow sprint will work together online again on 24 November 2020, from 9:00 to 13:00 UTC, to complete the sprint, which aims to turn the principles for collaborative free and open source-open access (FOSS-OA) publishing infrastructures into action.

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EIFL signs agreement for editing services

EIFL-OA news and events - ოთხ, 11/11/2020 - 15:44

EIFL has signed a new agreement with Crimson Interactive to provide discounted pricing for Enago’s editing services for authors from 31 EIFL partner countries:

Albania, Armenia, Botswana, Congo, Estonia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Kosovo, Laos, Latvia, Lesotho, Malawi, Maldives, Moldova, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, North Macedonia, Palestine, Senegal, Serbia, Slovenia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Ukraine, Zambia, Zimbabwe

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EIFL, SAGE renew access & publishing agreement

EIFL-OA news and events - ორშ, 09/11/2020 - 13:21

EIFL has renewed its agreement with Sage Publications for access to and publishing in Sage Journals for a further two years, until December 2022.

Free access

Through the agreement, libraries in 11 EIFL countries can get free access to the SAGE Premier collection of 1,120 titles:

Armenia, Congo, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Zambia

Discounted access

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Marking 15 years of EIFL-IP

EIFL-OA news and events - კვი, 08/11/2020 - 11:27

Since the EIFL Copyright and Libraries Programme (EIFL-IP) was launched 15 years ago, it has had some remarkable achievements, gained international recognition and staff have won awards. Jean Fairbairn, of EIFL, asked Programme Manager Teresa Hackett about the programme’s past and present, and hopes for the future. 

JF - What inspired the launch of the EIFL Copyright and Libraries Programme?

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Infoshare: Open Access and Publishing

EIFL-OA news and events - პარ, 30/10/2020 - 12:03

Iryna Kuchma, Manager of the EIFL Open Access Programme, will speak about open access publishing, its benefits and drivers, how to find a suitable open access journal and repository, and how to comply with funders’ expectations and policies at this GÉANT Infoshare Session.

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Training Resource Catalogue Interoperability Workshop

EIFL-OA news and events - ხუთ, 29/10/2020 - 13:32

Iryna Kuchma, Manager of the EIFL Open Access Programme, will present at this workshop on ‘Training Resource Catalogue Interoperability’, co-organized by FAIRsFAIR and the EOSC-5B Projects Training and Skills Task Force.

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Webinar: Research Assessment

EIFL-OA news and events - ხუთ, 29/10/2020 - 12:39

Policymakers, research managers and their support staff at research institutions, research funders, university librarians and researchers - join this webinar on 'Research Assessment and Bibliometrics in the Research and Academic Environment'.

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Webinar: Creative Commons licenses in teaching and learning

EIFL-OA news and events - ხუთ, 29/10/2020 - 12:32

Librarians, lecturers, researchers and students are welcome to join this webinar on understanding and applying Creative Commons (CC) licences in the contexts of teaching and learning. The webinar is co-hosted by EIFL and our partner consortium in Ghana, the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana  (CARLIGH)Iryna Kuchma, Manager of the EIFL Open Access Programme, will present at the webinar. 

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Co-designing open access publishing infrastructures

EIFL-OA news and events - ოთხ, 28/10/2020 - 17:33

In June 2020, WACREN (the West and Central African Research and Education Network), EIFL and the Coko Foundation launched a series of LIBSENSE online meetings, ‘Co-designing collaborative free and open source (FOSS) open access (OA) publishing infrastructures in Africa’, with journal editors and publishers, researchers, librarians and tool builders. 

Join the fourth and final meeting in the series, a four-hour session that will focus on turning the principles for collaborative FOSS-OA publishing infrastructures into action.

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