Development of Modern Library Vision in Georgia

On 1st of June, 2013 the librarians from all over Georgia were invited to participate in the seminar Strengthening Georgian Public Libraries Network organized by Georgian Libraries Association, Khashuri municipality library and Lithuanian NGO Rural Internet Access Points.

Over 20 years period network of public libraries have almost lost their role as an information provider due to the number of global challenges and internal problems. For Georgian public libraries it has been difficult to adapt to the changing development context and libraries regularly face such shortcomings as lack of funding, decent facilities, modern volumes, qualified human recourses and visitors.

However, despite these weaknesses they still remain as main objects of the concern due to their high potential to be an object of the programs aiming to improve access to information throughout the whole territory of Georgia.

The Development of Modern Library Vision in Georgia project idea offers a solution of the problem for Georgia’s libraries development. The main objective of the project is - to empower the dialogue and discussions of the Georgian public libraries through development of modern library vision based on Lithuanian libraries modernization experience.

Within the project the working group was established of 10 active representatives from Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Khashuri public libraries, governmental and non governmental institutions. The group will gather once a month and will work on Georgian public library vision development. At the end of the project the guiding document will be introduced to wider Georgian society.

The project is being implemented by Lithuanian NGO Rural Internet Access Points. The project is funded by the Lithuanian Government.