What we do

Access to knowledge for sustainable community development: The use of technology offers new opportunities to increase access to knowledge, helping to improve individual livelihoods. Through technology, public libraries are well positioned to extend access to previously under-served communities.

Our programmes include:

  • Licensing for e-resources: Through central negotiation  (done by EIFL.netwith foreign publishers, we negotiate highly discounted prices and fair terms of use for Georgian libraries and scholars to increase access to scholarly material which is essential for research and education. 
  • Open access: We advocate for the adoption of open access policies and mandates. We also build capacities to launch and sustain open access repositories and provide good practice examples.
  • Copyright and libraries:  We seek to address these issues by promoting fair and balanced copyright laws that support libraries in providing access to knowledge for users.
  • Free and open source software for libraries:  We support the deployment of free and open source software and provides the necessary training, enabling libraries to achieve significant cost savings.


  • Public Library Innovation Program: We are working with public libraries to develop and pilot innovative services that meet the changing needs of their local communities and support sustainable development. PLIP shares knowledge about successful and innovative public library community development services and supports replication of these services by other public libraries (in many other countries - members of EIFL.Consortium).