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A library of a women prison #5

A library of a women prison #5
A new library is opened recently in women's prison № 5 type library, which was established in the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the agreement of 2011.
At this stage the library is equipped with more than 3000 books, with a total number of copies more than 7000. The library provides fiction, as well as non-fiction literature. The majority of the books is in Georgian language, however, the library has English, Russian, Azerbaijani, Armenian and several other languages literature, which is replenished periodically.
The program uses the library software for cataloging library books - KOHA, the installation of which, was accomplished with support and collaboration of the library association. A classification system for books is DDC.
Almost every day, the women's prison № 5 update media library. In addition, the library has 450 items of audio / video materials. Each of the above-mentioned segment of the library is available to women prisoners, as well as the institution's staff.


№ 5 Women's Prison Library Head Librarian,
Anna Gergedava


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