Standard for a school librarian


School librarian standard for public as well as private school librarians was created by National Curriculum Department of the Ministry of Education and Science. Presentation on the topic was made by Natia Jokhadze, Head of National Curriculum Department.

Up to present, the Ministry haven’t had any document reflecting reality and international experience and the one that would propose unified standard for the librarians.  

Standard for Public School librarian defines professional skills, values and responsibilities that will encourage implementation of National Curriculum. The Standard aims at improving teaching and learning quality in general education institutions. 

Irakli Gharibashvili – Director of National Science Library, Tinatin Lomjaria – Deputy Head of the Department of Library Resources of the National Parliamentary Library and Tamar Khosruashvili – Director of media resources at Dumas Center (Institut Français de Géorgie) - three invited experts were working on the Standard.

The initial text by the experts was discussed at National Curriculum Department and together with acting librarians of public schools as well. Recommendations were reflected in the final version.

The event was attended by the representatives of the Ministry and National Parliamentary Library, principals of Tbilisi public schools, librarians and representative from the field of  education.

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